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Кокс металлургический (25-80мм)

35 667.42 руб.
ALIBABA GROUP (CIS) provides direct working relations with chemical-recovery plants in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan for premium quality Metallurgical Coke. We supply raw materials (coking coals) to chemical-recovery plants and other relevant metallurgical plants and hence have paramount influence in procurement of coke & semi-coke products and sub-products. Yes, notion “Metallurgical Coke” (MetCoke) is very broad in CIS economies:
1) Cupola Furnace Fuel Coke 40+,60+,80+mm
Sulphur (S) 0.45%; 0.8%; 1.2%; 1.2+%
Ash (A) 12-14%; VM 1.2%;
M40 73-76; M10 --12; CSR 58-60; CRI 26-28
2) Low Ash Metallurgical Coke 25-40,25-80mm
Sulphur (S) 0.45%; 0.8%; 1.2%; 1.2+%
Ash (A) --11.5-12.5%; VM 0.6-1.0%;
M40 77-78; M10 --8; CSR 60-62; CRI 25-27
3) Blast Furnace Foundry Coke 25+,25-40,40+mm
Sulphur (S) 0.45%; 0.8%; 1.2%; 1.2+%
Ash (A) --11.5-12.5%; VM 0.5-1.0%;
M25 83-88; M10 7.5-8.5; CSR 55-58; CRI 30-34
4) Blast Furnace Foundry Coke Lumps 3+,10+,10-25mm
Sulphur (S) 0.45%; 0.8%; 1.2%; 1.2+%
Ash (A) --11-16%; 18%; VM 1.5-2.0%; 3.0%
5) Anthracite Coal Coke Lumps 10-25mm
6) Bituminous Coal Coke Lumps 10-25mm
7) Bituminous Coal Semi-Coke Lumps 10-25mm
8) Bituminous Coal Semi-Coke Fines 0-10mm
Calorific Value 28,000 kJ/kg ~ 6700 kcal/kg
If you look to buy “Metallurgical Coke” from CIS, prepare yourself to accept average quality, wait during weeks or months for production & shipping, pay price on upper level of world market – and all that on condition that you pay 100% T/T upon contract signing. Best quality MetCoke has been already pre-contracted to governments, investors, resellers in Middle East & Asia. Average quality MetCoke is also being bought out domestically, because prices for coking coals always grow steadily.
First MOQ (minimal order quantity) is 1 train 2,000MT-3,500MT on DAF basis. FOB or CIF basis can be quoted for minimal applicable vessel tonnage 5,000MT-10,000MT and up to larger tonnages 15,000MT-30,000MT. Thus cargos can be sent either by rail to neighboring countries or by sea across the Mediterranean or farther to Middle East and Asia. Normally it’s per 10,000mt monthly in bulk, alternatively per 5,000mt shipped in containers, packed in jumbo bags or wrapped inside one big container bag. 100% T/T prepayment applies only, preceded by 2% paid prior to direct producer’s contract.
Business Consultant Mr Eason Chen
+8657186688588; +86157158Ч788З
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